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TEP is a service for Logistics Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Procurement Specialists & hand-selected Transport Specialists from Forwarders and Carriers from Companies in Europe.
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TEP Jour Fixe September 12th, 2022
The names of the logistics giants reign the headlines. But there are thousands of small and medium sized forwarders on the market who also fight for their piece of the cake. What are the arguments to use them instead of one of the big na...
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TEP Sunday Morning Catchup September 18th, 2022
In this Sunday Morning CatchUp session, we will interview an airfreight market expert. We will learn about the expectations for the following months. The name of the Interview partner will be announced in due course.

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TEP Xchange Reverse Scheduling
We have reserved this TEP Xchange table for ten logistics and supply chain managers from companies that import goods from Asia to Europe. In the first TEP Xchange meeting, the participants shall define the topics discussed in the follow...
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TEP Xchange Reverse Scheduling
We have reserved this TEP Xchange table for ten logistics and supply chain managers from the Cement Industry in Europe. Logistics for the Cement Industry is highly complex, needs special transportation equipment, and the Sector is facin...
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TEP Xchange Reverse Scheduling
We have reserved this TEP Xchange table for ten logistics and supply chain managers from companies that need a Solution for the Distribution of Material with a length > 2.4 m up to 7 m. In the first TEP Xchange meeting, the participants...

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Forecasting/Trends July 26th, 2022

In the current disrupted world, getting information on time is a challenge. Collaborate across the different actors in the value chain is key at this point, and Supply Chain leaders should leverage their capabilities to obtain informa...

Sustainability June 8th, 2022

A few months ago, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs of my country, Spain, published a recommendation that I found quite interesting to share on my LinkedIn profile: Do you know the difference between CE marking and China Export marking...

Sustainability May 4th, 2022

Creating more sustainable global value chains through logistics. Digitalization is an important element in this process. We talk with logistics expert Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt about challenges and solutions and how small mea...

TEP - the global Transport & Logistics Expert Panel

The place to go for everything regarding the future of logistics

In the last years, the logistics market has dramatically changed its face. Today, we find ourselves in an environment of instability, high costs, high inflation, and increasing interest rates. The recent developments with the war in Ukraine are also profoundly impacting the setup of logistics systems. Several Megatrends will force the market participants to rethink their logistics systems:

The market consolidation on the provider side is ongoing and even accelerating.

The trend towards a re-regionalisation of production networks will also lead to changed supply chains.

Sustainability is a dominating factor.

Digitalisation and Innovation will enable new ways of performing supply chains in the future.

Forecasting Logistics Market developments is more important than ever before to make the right decisions for the company's supply chain. With TEP - the Transport and Logistics Expert Panel - we want to provide a "place to go" for all topics related to the future of Logistics. Advice for your day-to-day logistics questions, Exchange with peers from other companies shipping cargo to science-based exchange with Logistics Thought Leaders. Explore the future of Logistics with TEP.

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Virtual Meeting Place

TEP - Virtual - for good reasons

TEP is a virtual meeting place for Logistics Professionals. Although meeting other people face-to-face has the indisputable advantage of personal interaction, TEP offers several benefits with its virtual concept.

Reverse Scheduling Logic In the physical world, conference rooms have to be booked a long time in advance, and cancellations are expensive. TEP can offer a "reverse scheduling logic" for its workshops, seminars and xchange meetings. TEP schedules the event AFTER enough participants have signed up!

Hot Topics TEP events can cover hot topics. The preparation of an event does not require a long planning period.

Train more People Last but not least: Virtual events and especially workshops are much cheaper. No travel cost expenditures and no travel time. You could train more people on more topics in less time for lower costs!