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TEP is a service for Logistics Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Procurement Specialists & hand-selected Transport Specialists from Forwarders and Carriers from Companies in Europe.


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TEP Jour Fixe September 12th, 2022
The names of the logistics giants reign the headlines. But there are thousands of small and medium sized forwarders on the market who also fight for their piece of the cake. What are the arguments to use them instead of one of the big na...
Free of charge
TEP Jour Fixe September 19th, 2022
Since the end of 2020 the ocean freight rates had only one direction. Upwards. Exploding. Skyrocketing. Now, 1.5years later, spot rates are reducing. Is this a sustainable development or will ocean freight rates increase again after a sh...
Free of charge
TEP Jour Fixe September 26th, 2022
Supply Chains have been under permanent stress in the last 2.5 years. Are we coming back to a more "normal" situation? Where are new risks that might pop up? We are discussing these questions with market experts. Anyone interested can ...
Free of charge
TEP Jour Fixe October 10th, 2022
In 2021, many companies had severe problems getting their products on time for delivery before Christmas. What about this year? New year, same problems? We are going to discuss this with market experts. Anyone interested may join this ...