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2Ship Solutions Inc

Every business deserves a great shipping platform. 2Ship levels the playing field by searching all carrier rates allowing you to select the best service for the best price. When you need to ship, you need 2Ship.

About us

2Ship is a cloud-based shipping management system provider, that helps customers reduce shipping costs by rate shopping and utilizing shipping services that best suit their business needs.

2Ship is the smarter shipping solution that helps businesses automate their processes, reduce shipping costs and improve operational effectiveness. Hundreds of e-tailers, corporate mailrooms, third-party logistics providers and freight forwarders use 2Ship every day to ship smarter and shorten the Last Mile. A true software solution with a freight offering, it is used by customers worldwide to ship across all carrier types, from Same Day and postal, to small package, and all freight modes to full containers. This means any business with a handful of shipments, to those who ship 200,000+ shipments per month, can use its services. We've hit another milestone here at 2Ship... Now over 500+ supported carriers to help you ship your packages.

The 2Ship Solution focuses on Centralization, Control, and Visibility. It`s the single solution that ties the entire supply chain together: it delivers all carriers, accounts, and services in one system for true real-time rate shopping with all outbound and inbound locations, administrators and users, orders, inventory and shipments.

Combining technology, data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning with imagination and creative thinking has kept 2Ship ahead of the curve as the supply chain continues to evolve. 2Ship challenges itself to be everything shipping to its customers, and the single solution they need for 100% of their logistics movements. The primary way the company is creating an impact on its customers is by offering a single solution that overcomes many challenges in the supply chain. Many systems in the market can solve one or a few challenges but this solution addresses as many - if not all of the customers' supply chain hurdles. By offering a single solution, customers no longer need to move across various systems to get the info they need and execute their processes. As a result, they experience a significant positive impact on their operational efficiency, information accuracy, and logistics cost reduction.

Today, 2Ship's product is no longer defined by a single acronym or description. Yes, the solution is a TMS at its core, but it is also a freight invoicing and auditing solution, a consumer-facing application, a warehouse management platform, an inventory centralization system, a carrier and freight forwarder solution, and most recently a virtual carrier ecosystem.

Try our solutions today, www.2ship.com!

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Cristina Cojanu CEO 2Ship Europe
Paula Frintu Paula Frintu Sales Agent
Alexandru Cojanu Senior Software Developer