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About us

We‘re not just any shipping platform: Packeta has its own logistics network and operates the largest and most popular pick-up point network with more than 10,000+ own pick-up points and self-service boxes in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Thanks to this network and our over 70+ cooperating parcel delivery providers we can offer you fast and inexpensive shipping. 


 Every country has its own peculiarities of customer behaviors and local preferences of tax or legal circumstances. We can help you understanding and dealing with those topics. You no longer have to work endless hours with complex analyzes or the search for information. We have it all prepared for you. In addition, you do not need to implement different individual parcel services anymore.  


After registering to our website, you have access to over 70+ delivery solutions in Europe and the USA. We have selected the most popular carriers, shipping- and payment methods in each country which you can use over a single API connection.  


‘We started as a modest but brave start-up in 2008 and transformed into a technological innovator with the ambition of delivering parcels to the whole world.’ says Simona Kijonková, CEO of Packeta Group.

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Christian Burchhardt Managing Director Germany
Oliver Grundmann Sales Director Germany
Fatmir Halabak Sales Representative
Sara Piacquadio Marketing Specialist
Adela Svaton Sales Support and Logistics Coordinator