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How Forwarders, Carriers & Technology Providers can promote their Services & Products with TEP

Present your products and services to a rapidly growing follower base at TEP, which provides a lot of benefits to shippers. They can exchange experiences, build knowledge, and attend sessions on relevant topics. Most of the services are free of charge for shippers. TEP gains a lot of new followers rapidly and becomes the place where logistics professionals meet.

We use the Zoom Events Platform to host our Events. Get an idea how you could present your services and products in a Virtual Expo.

Marketing Opportunities

Service providers can use TEP to promote their services in several innovative formats to a growing community.

Available for all event types


  • |Present your company logo in one or a series of our events.
  • | Be mentioned during our sessions as a sponsor for an event.
  • | Show your competence in an interview on specific topics.
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Digital Logistics Marketplace

  • | Make it easy and attractive for your target group to learn more about your services by becoming a resident in the Digital Logistics Marketplace.
  • | Let prospects visit your residence and get in touch with you.
  • | Have a spontaneous video call and build up a direct relationship.
  • | Benefit from the continuous flow of visitors and increase your market reach.
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Available for TEP Introduces

Online Meetings

  • | Show your service offer in the TEP Introduces section on our homepage and get bookings for presentations from interested shippers.
  • | Present your services in 1:1 online meetings to potential customers.
  • | Reduce your costs to identify prospects by being visible to TEP Followers.
  • | Use various service options provided by TEP to increase your success rate. From simple displaying of services to "Active Search".
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