TEP Symposium

A current topic. Inspiring speeches from Thought Leaders. A virtual Expo to get in touch with providers from the logistics space. Our TEP Symposium Format is designed to deliver deep insights into a subject with clear recommendations for your daily business. Condensed information in a 2 - 3 hours session. Shippers can participate free of charge. Forwarders or providers can offer their services at the Expo.


Currently no sessions available.


Free of charge only for shippers
TEP Symposium July 21st, 2022
Logistics has changed its face in the last few years. Supply chains, even global ones, used to be relatively stable and reliable in the past. Now, several disruptional events later, confidence in their stability has vanished. Will we hav...
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Free of charge
TEP Symposium February 1st, 2022
In 2021, companies importing goods from Asia faced unprecedented challenges. What will 2022 bring? In this TEP Symposium, three market experts will give their outlook on the market development for ocean, air and rail freight. This event ...
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