Thought Leaders

Never in the history of transport and logistics, we have seen as many changes as recently. Stability in the supply-chains does not exist anymore. Fuelled by the pandemic and, more recently, the war in the Ukraine, several “Megatrends” are unveiling their impact on the logistics sector more rapidly.

Sustainability, Digitalisation/Innovation, New Work, Globalisation/Re-Regionalisation, just to name a few, are the cause for profound changes in the way we do transportation, set-up supply-chains and distribute our products.

How shall companies take business decisions in this ever-evolving logistics market environment? What are long-term strategies to stay competitive?
These are questions, companies from the producing side need to find answers to as well as freight service providers.

Forecasting of logistics market developments and the impact of long-term Megatrends on the daily business is becoming more and more important.

Our vision is to provide better forecasting solutions for the logistics sector. Multiple perspectives on “the future of logistics and supply-chain” need to be considered.

Therefore, we have defined five “Focusgroups”:

1. Sustainability
2. Digitalisation/Innovation
3. Market Consolidation
4. Globalisation/Re-Regionalization
5. Forecasting

For each Focusgroup we have selected 5 recognized “Thought Leaders”. These Experts have proven expertise in their topic. They have a strong academical background, but also the capability to transfer results from Scientific Research into practical recommendations for daily business life.

Logistics- and Supply-Chain Directors from producing companies or retailers and Transportation Experts from freight service providers can work and discuss with the Thought Leaders in the Focus Groups. The aim is to gather as much intelligence to achieve the final goal of TEP – A sophisticated forecasting tool set to make better business decisions in the logistics environment.