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TEP offers an ecosystem of services to support companies in improving the forecasting of logistics market developments. From advice for day-to-day questions to science-based research. Join us on our journey to explore the future of logistics.

Exchange with colleagues on logistics topics

The exchange of experiences with other experts from the logistics space is essential. How do other companies deal with the challenges in this volatile logistics market? Are they facing the same problems as you do? Have other companies found solutions to the issues that create headaches for you? TEP is the place to go if you want to meet and exchange with supply chain managers, procurement heads or logistics directors from companies across Europe.

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Improve the logistics competence of your team

Does your team need training on logistics management topics? Led by top-rated lecturers, our workshops combine theoretical foundation teaching with lively discussions and interactive workgroup sessions. No “death by Powerpoint”! Book your slot at one of our workshops now or “design your workshop”—tailor-made training for your specific company needs.

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Stay informed about the future of logistics

Logistics has changed its face in the last years. Costs have exploded and supply chain stability has come into focus. Supply chain management has become a top-Management priority and is no longer just a simple support function. Various mega trends will affect how we operate our supply chains in the future. TEP has nominated several Thought Leaders from across Europe. Experts with a solid academic background and a particular focus on some of the most relevant mega trends. Science meets business. TEP gives you access to the independent opinions and know-how of people dealing professionally with the future of logistics.

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Get support for your daily logistics business

The Logistics space is a jungle. It is vast and highly complex. Sometimes you need support to cut through the maze. TEP provides you with access to the level of advice you need. A question on a specific topic? Are you looking for a new provider? Do you have a logistics project and are searching for the proper support? At TEP, you find what you need!

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